d (sublimevisions) wrote in healinghands,

*tap* *tap* is this thing on?

hi. just seeing who reads this thread is all. my name is drew, i am a reiki practitioner living in philadelphia.
does anyone post here?
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I've been a part of this thread since I joined in November, and your post is the first I've seen come across it.

I'm a Quantum Touch Instructor/practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher, as well as doing massage and therapeutic coaching.
i say light a fire and breath some aire in here then.
I remember one or two posts a long time ago.

hello :)

let's get a party started!!!
I joined recently but hadn't posted anything. I'm a Reiki master from Puerto Rico. I like sharing and compairing experiences in healing.
I'm a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and meditation coach (non-traditional) outside of Philadelphia PA. ~A