Beautiful Dreamer (cutopia) wrote in healinghands,
Beautiful Dreamer

Frustration with chakra spin directions

So I've looked into a couple styles of healing that deal with chakras and specify certain directions (clockwise or counterclockwise) that you are supposed to spin the chakra to get a certain effect. Most of the healing I try to do is on myself, but I'm never sure whether the directions I'm reading are for doing it on myself or on another person. And I when I do assume they are for another person and try to convert them over to myself, I all to often seem to get confused and get it backwards (guess it doesn't help that I'm from the digital clock generation)!

So anyway, I've read that clockwise energizes and counterclockwise cleans (whether one is using a pendulum or hands). How does this work if you are doing it to yourself? What is an easy way to remember which way I'm supposed to go?
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