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First off

Thank you to those who responded to my first post, it helps to know I'm not just paranoid about that particular corporation. Now if the community would be so kind as to help me with this new dilemma it would be immensly appreciated. Right now I live with my girlfriend and our lease is almost up which gives us mobility. She has no higher than a high school background but her family has opted to give her room board and a means to get a college education. Also my friend came into a substantial amount of capital (enough for low budget business start up costs anyways) and wants to push my practice as a means to help us both out. I have this month to get 1000 dollars, plus pay up all the other basic bills with my girlfriends help. We also have a guy who was once a successful used car salesmen, but wanted to do something else because he felt like he was swindling people. So he has offered to promote the business and make deals for a commission. I live in Washington and the only stipulation is I have to move to Arizona where they want to base to do it. Right now I have zip for funds, though I have my supplies, drive, and a willingness to be adventurous and push this thing into a success, even if I have to work a remedial job at the same time. We're going to try to get a cheap townhome in Mesa and have clients come there, as well as go to them, and promote chair massage to business's , go to events, etc.
The thing is my girlfriend thinks that this is a bad idea, and doesn't want me to leave. Her Dad says that I have to pay my dues and work for a place for a couple of years and learn how to run a business that way. My argument is " What was I doing in student clinic? And why did my teachers keep giving advice throughout the program on how to run a business? And if I don't know anything, why did I spend all that time in massage practice and theory, take the three day course on massage and the law, and the other three day course on business massage being taught by an outside successful therapist? Why did I waste all that time if I wouldn't know anything when I got out anyways?" Okay I get what her Dad is saying, and how that applies to the normal corporate ladder job, but I thought the best way to learn how to do a massage practice is draw up a business plan, get the capital and do it. Now I respect the guy and take his words as wisdom, he paid his dues at what he does and now makes a few grand over 100,000 per year, but he has never done massage therapy. I say yes, I am not established with years of practice under my belt, nor do I have the capital to set up a nice spa or clinic, like I'll say again, Massage Envy. But I do have the drive, a sales rep, the ability and willingness to get out into the world and sell myself and let the world at large know that despite my being green in my career and only 21, that I am true professional and expect to be considered and treated as such. On top of that I have a friend who wants to push me and simultaneously help us other two guys become successful as well, and he is going to use his own money to do it.
My girlfriend is going to be taken care of, so I'm free. But on the flipside I'm inexperienced, and the prospect is risky, but at least I will learn something.
What do you think I should do?
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